All Hell Breaks Out With Pastor Reginald Steele Of Phoenix: Daughter Gives Birth To...

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    Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Convicted Felon turned Pastor Reginald Steele has some serious explaining to do about his new house and church funds. It seems that Steele has has a serious shake up at his church due to his new $1.7 million dollar house. According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee, Steele cut his 8 o’clock service and fired about five staff members to free up funds for the new house he has his church paying for with tithes and offering. Old move to keep from paying taxes, but it might not work. His former youth and young adult pastor was smashing his daughter on a regular and got her pregnant. Now Obnoxious Media is not certain if Shawn Buckhanan was let go due to the relationship with his daughter or to free up income to pay for the house. However, we do know a great deal of dirt is coming out as a result of all of this drama.

    [​IMG]The Steele Famliy has more Scandal then Shonda Rhimes and Olivia Pope! Ira Steele the youngest son allegedly did not finish high school and Isaiah the oldest boy is rumored to use cocaine on a regular basis. It is said to be nothing for him to take a hit in front of fiends and individuals he is comfortable with from the church. Now Shawn was fired from his duties at the church due to his getting the daughter pregnant, but it is said that they all got high and was doing cocaine at a party last September. Now Drugs is common befavior of the Steele Clan and close employees of Kingdom In The Valley Church. In fact in March of last year a group of them went to Las Vegas and did Drugs and had a wild sex party. Sources say they group was using cocaine and crystal meth during the sex party.

    [​IMG]Reginal Steele has been more than frustrated trying to keep up appearances before the people deal with daemons in his children. During one of his heated arguments with his daughter things got physical and he did the Creflo Dollar and jumped his daughter in what his wife said was a well deserved ass whipping. In the mist of all of this Reggie Steele finds it in himself to purchase a mansion from the owners of Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles that required them to cut the 8 o’clock service and staff to free up income to make such a purchase. The father of the twins that his daughter recently gave birth to was denied the opportunity to witness the birth of the children due to his personal issues with his former youth pastor.

    [​IMG]Now his wife is not innocent, Kelley Steele is said to have called and used her influence to get everyone fired from jobs they had gotten at other ministries. Seems she told the pastor about the use of drugs and physical abuse to their daughter. Now the daughter is said to be a known toss up and has a bit of a reputation for being a easy party girl that enjoys sex and even has laid with rappers and basketball players. Perhaps she takes after he father, Reggie, who has a girlfriend and possibly bastard children by a woman in San Antonio hat was introduced to him by his spiritual son, Marcus THOMAS!

    [​IMG]Checkout the email sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

    I’ll just state different bullet points and if you have more questions you can call to confirm or whatever you need. And I guess more so I’m giving you information on the whole family not just him alone. Since they’re supposed to be so real or what not.

    Ira Steele the youngest son did not graduate high school but they haven’t told anyone because they’re embarrassed.
    Isaiah Steele the oldest son currently uses cocaine which many people I know have confirmed including with his friends.
    Pastor Steele fired Shawn in March of 2017 for personal reasons involving his daughter Stella who is 22 years old currently. The alleged reason was because Shawn and his daughter used cocaine at her sisters birthday party back in sept of 2016. The only reason Pastor and family found out was because Stella’s older brother Isaiah who happened to be at the party as well told on her then boyfriend and sister out of jealousy.
    •In March of 2017 at Las Vegas Hotel room with 6 of Kingdom in the Valleys and Pastor Steele’s children and employees. The room was full of cocaine and drugs organized by Isaiah Steele and his friends. Meanwhile, Deven Steele, Stella Steele, Sabrina Hernandez(under age), Shawn Buckhanan, Mariah Steele all employees and some children of Pastor Steele’s were in the room while the drugs and party favors were going on.
    [​IMG]Pastor Steele struck his daughter and slammed her to the ground at their surprise home in late 2017. In which her mother states “she deserved it.” Those are words from Stella Steele to multiple sources including two Ministers Pam and Jeremiah Johnson who’s house she ended up at shortly after. Meanwhile after the altercation she calls then boyfriend now baby’s father Shawn Buckhanan to come rescue her from the abusive home. Shawn picks her up in the middle of the night and goes to the ministers of their church home. She then proceeds to move in with her boyfriend at the time until unknown date and returns home.

    [​IMG] •The new 1.7 million dollar home they are trying to acquire that they are currently renting from famous Chicken Restaraunt owners In the Valley, Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles. They cut payroll and fired some employees, cut one service out to save cost of paying musicians and other salaries just so they could afford the mansion. This is the year of increase even if it means cutting other people’s pay and firing employees to save money. (Find picture attached)
    Pastor Steele and his family denied another young pastors son the right to be at his children’s birth amid allegations of physical abuse from May 2017. Although the daughter has lived with the then boyfriend on numerous occasions it makes no sense to bring these allegations up again weeks prior to the birth of the children if it was past tense. The parents have even gave the ok and called the young man to come get their daughter post the alleged abuse. So if that abuse is standing to be true why now bring it into play? Is it because your daughter is hurt? Why now?
    Kelley Steele calls boyfriends new church Generation Church of Mesa Arizona and gets him fired. In July 2017 Kelley Steele reaches out to then, daughters ex-boyfriend, children’s father Shawn Buckhanan’s new church to inform them that allegedly he did drugs with her daughter, sold drugs to their current worship leader and also abused their daughter while they lived together. This promted them to release Shawn of his current ministry duties and was let go by the church amid the allegations.
    Pastor Reggie Steele’s mistress woman located in San Antonio, Tx and is friends with Pastor Marcus Thomas. I have photos but want to save those for a rainy day but I can more than likely get you I contact with her or a close friend to confirm.
    I’ll attach photo of mistress on the next email waiting for a clear one from someone now. That is his new home in Phoenix 1.7 million dollar home in which he is trying to turn into a church parsonage. Which means the members tithes will be forking the 7k a month mortgage for that home as it will be a Kingdom church property/parsonage. When you just fired 5 employees and cut an 8am service and also cut your band members pay significantly so you can move into your home and afford the mortgage.

    Attached is a photo of the baby mother and the two girls Savannah Grace and Sierrah Mercy. This is the year of restoration at his church but somehow you can’t restore the young man who once worked for you and is also a pastors son and now apart of your family. Just not a Great look at all.

    Checkout screenshots of texts messages and Instagram post below:[​IMG]


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