Daughters mom is avoiding having "the talk"

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    My daughter is turning 10, her mom and I are divorced and I talked to my daughter mildly about changes she will experience because her mom is avoiding it. I have asked her many many times to talk to her about periods because I don't want my daughter to freak out when it happens. Last time I asked her, she laughed at me and said I was crazy, so I have warned her that is she doesn't do it. I will, I have done a lot of research and talked asked friends both parents and non parents for guidance. What can I do? Any other advice about how to handle talking to my daughter about this stage of her life.

    Edit: I love this sub, it's always been super helpful so thanks to you all. Also, I am definitely talking to her, weather her mom does or does not. Just wanted to give her mom the chance to do it first.

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