I (20M) have fallen for my closest female friend (19F) who has a boyfriend (19M).

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    Tldr: Do I walk away from a best friend I'm incredibly close to because I caught feelings? I'm one of her best friends and it would devestate her.

    Me and her have been best friends for the better part of two years. We instantly had chemistry and almost hooked up when we met but decided we didn't want to rush. I distanced myself a little to focus on work and when I was available again, she had a boyfriend.

    She never acts any differently towards me and when we hang out everybody presumes we are a couple. We've both been a bit too flirty, affectionate and touchy when drunk but never crossed a line that makes it 100% clear we want anything. But she has fought with her boyfriend over me once before.

    Well I've caught feelings lately and 1) Don't want to have a false relationship with her. 2) Don't want to get in the way of her relationship. 3) Don't want to torture myself pretending I don't have feelings for her.

    I think the next time we meet I should say those three points and tell her we can't be friends. But I'm one of her best friends and it would really devestate her. Not to mention obviously it hurts me too.

    Any advice or ways to play this that I haven't thought of? Cheers.

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