My (25F) husband (28M) threw me out of our home immediately after sex. Irrational? Or am I...

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    Firstly apologies as I am writing from my sister's tablet so there may be some mistakes.

    I've been with my husband for years but only been married for a few months. We are genuinely great, we have an apartment together and two dogs. Things have been great which is why I am taken aback.

    We normally have sex every day, if not, every other day. However, 3 days ago, we did. Literally everything was normal until he said he was about to finish, which he did. Immediately after he spit at me and pushed me off the bed, and shouted "how many other people have you made cum?" I was shocked and had no idea what was happening. Before I could think he was screaming at me to pack my clothes and go. I had to call my mom and sister to pick me up.

    We've spoken since and he won't tell me what's going on. We've had the whole "numbers" talk, and his is higher than mine! However we haven't spoken about this in years - Why would he be upset now? Also, the first thing my sister asked was had I cheated which is a firm no. I'm at school and working full time and love coming home to my husband and dogs, I have no inclination to be with another man.

    I'm still staying at home with my mom as communication with my husband Is tough - he's not replying to messages or phone calls unless he wants to and when we have planned to meet up he isn't showing up. I don't know what to do.

    I never thought I'd have to come to reddit but I really NEED some outside perspective here. What could be going on and am I missing it?

    Tl;Dr: husband freaked out at me after sex, threw me out and won't speak to me. What's going on?

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