Sometimes punishments punish the parents too.

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    We're having a lot of behavioral problems with my son (3) since he started preschool this year. We now have a reward system where we put ping pong balls in a tube when he is good and when he misbehaves we take one out. And when it's full he gets a prize.

    Last night as we were going to sleep he told us tomorrow is his stuffed bear's birthday. So I said we would have a little birthday party for him. He didn't have school and I thought it would be a fun activity for us to make cupcakes and have a stuffed animal party. Well this morning has been one thing after another. He pushed his little sister when she was standing on a chair and she almost fell off, I had to fight him to get dressed, he kicked his little sister off a bed. And when I took a ping pong ball out of his tube he tried to climb a chair to put it back in, so I put the baby gate up and he ripped it off the wall. So we are not doing a birthday party for his stuffed bear anymore. Which is a huge bummer because I was excited about doing that fun little thing with my kids. I tried to give him the option to turn his behavior around and redeem himself but he threw a tantrum instead... Sometimes punishments are hard, but I know it's important to stick to them and not be a pushover. Maybe we will try again this weekend.

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