Vishesh Bhatt to make a film on Demonetisation

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    Vishesh Bhatt to make a film on Demonetisation
    Every Indian is familiar with what happened on 8th of November 2016. It is the day when our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi implemented Demonetisation to abolish black money from India. Now, it has been learnt that Vishesh Bhatt is coming up with a film which will be dealing with the same topic but in a comic way. [​IMG] Sources shares, "The project was conceptualised by Vishesh Bhatt and his team. They will announce the cast and crew shortly and it will go on floors very soon. However what is interesting to note is not just the topic chosen by Vishesh but also the genre. It will be refreshing to see a Bhatt producing a comedy." This one will be interesting to observe. Watch out for this space for more on this film!

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