Is it possible to teach kids 4 languages ?

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    Sorry, maybe not the the exact subreddit.

    I am an Italian guy, who lived in France and move to Japan.

    I do know Italian/French natively and English fluently. My Japanese/Chinese is still not that good.

    I am with my gf who is Taiwanese, move to Japan.

    She know Cinese natively, English/japanese fluently and corean.

    Now, I was wondering, if we have a kid in the near future, how, and which language to teach him.

    Since we live in Japan, japanese will come naturally.

    At home we speak English, but we are not at the level to be able to teach I think. But since we talk in English, he will probably need to learn that too.

    I know gf sometimes is tired to speak English, and she'll probably try to get him into cinese. So I believe I could do the same with Italian.

    But how to make it go smoothly? Is this even possible/good? I know I learnt 2 language when I was a kid, in the meantime and as I remember it was smooth. But 4?

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