Me [M17] and my friend [M16] both like the same girl [F17] and I don’t know how to convince...

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    So I told my friend about this girl that I have a super tiny crush on and it turns out that he likes the same girl (which I found out later from someone else). Instantly when I heard that, I lost almost all my feelings for her. I know he’s so much better for her than me in every way, and I’d be genuinely happy for him if something happened between them and I wouldn’t be upset with him at all. I also found out that he was planning on making some sort of move on her but when he found out that I like her, he decided that he wouldn’t.

    So today I talked to him about all this and explained all my reasons why he shouldn’t feel bad for going after her, but he kept saying stuff like “I don’t wanna go against you” and “you should go for her, not me”. But like I said, he’s so much better for her and I don’t even want to go for her, I genuinely want him to be with her because they’re kinda perfect for each other. So I don’t really know what to do and how to convince him that I’d be okay with it.

    tl;dr I know this girl is way better for my friend than me but he doesn’t want to do anything about it because he’s worried it’ll affect our friendship.

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