New Zealand shopping center installs gender-fluid Santa

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    A shopping center in Auckland, New Zealand has installed a gender-busting Santa Claus ahead of the festive season.

    Wearing stockings and carrying a carpet handbag, Ponsonby Central installed ‘Santa Poppins’ last week.

    It comes after LGBTI advocates slammed opposition leader Simon Bridges for anti-trans comments.

    ‘Mary Poppins is a woman, Santa Claus is a man. That’s how it should be’ he told a radio show last week.

    ‘Our representation of Santa can be Mary Poppins or whatever race/gender/persuasion we prefer and can imagine’ a Ponsonby Central spokesperson told the NZ Herald.

    ‘The Coca-Cola company doesn’t have a monopoly on what he/she looks like,’ the spokesperson said.

    Ponsonby Central wrote on their Facebook page: ‘He has had many changes over the years but he is always on trend (& a wee bit cheeky!).

    Of course, some people on the internet did not welcome the ‘wee bit cheeky’ Father Christmas.

    ‘I am all for equality but did you seriously have to take Santa and turn him into a sexual joke?’ a Facebook user going by the name of Melissa Davidson wrote underneath.

    Trans rights in New Zealand

    New Zealand announced last month it will increase the number of publicly-funded gender-affirming surgeries available for transgender citizens.

    Surgeries are currently capped at three male-to-female surgeries and one female-to-male surgery every two years.

    This puts the option of gender-affirming surgery out of reach of most transgender New Zealanders.

    It has also led to a 105-person waiting list for procedures, according to News Room. It would take 50 years to get through the backlog.

    Transgender individuals the world over suffer disproportionate levels of depression. In New Zealand, according to News Room, a 2012 survey of 8,500 trans youth found 40 percent were depressed nearly half had self-harmed in the last year.

    Several schools in New Zealand do, however, offer gender-neutral uniforms for students.

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